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About Me

General Info

I was born on the 26th of January 1990 at 10 am European  time.  I was born the second child of my mother and a younger sister to my older brother. Not only that, I’m the youngest of my family generation wise (Which to be quit honest was quite sucky to grow up with).

I’m a natural shy person (with crazy tendencies) and am unlikely to open up correctly unless you get me started on one of my likes (To which I will probably not shut up about). I am very quick to voice my dislikes, though I will not bash someone’s head in just because they like something  I do not (Unless you are someone like a twitard, then I can be very unkind). 

I am an admirer of old lore vampires, dragons, fairies, old mythological gods/goddesses and other mythological things/beings/people. I do not care much for the Christian religion, but I am not a hater on it either. I simple do not agree with some of the view points they try to force down on people.

Unofficially I own a diabolical cat which I believe has been spawned in the fiery bowels of the underworld. I have no proof yet, but I will tell everyone “I told you so!”  the day she’ll be ruling over the entire world.

I am currently and PERMANENTLY in a loving relationship with a handsome and awesome man.

My Likes

  • Video games
  • Text Roleplay
  • Old lore vampires
  • Mythology
  • Anime
  • Certain movies
  • Certain T.V shows
  • Certain Music
  • My consoles
  • Cats
  • Crazy awesome people such as myself
  • Running around the house in my underwear wearing a towel as a cape and going woooosh, while no one is at home (dedicated to me mother).


My Dislikes

  • Complete idiots
  • Extreme perverts
  • The Twilight Sage by Stephanie Meyer (Vampires do NOT sparkle, you morons!)
  • Certain humans