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CGI MIX: Shadow of your Heart

Song: Cosmic Love by Florence & the machine Footage: Final Fantasy IX, X and XIII Tangled Brave Rise of the Gaurdians Edited by: Jennifer/JewelMistic/Jenjewel    In prevention of a possible attack by the giant pixel monsters, it is adviced NOT to watch this in full screen.  This is the first time ever I...
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A bit of Northern Mountains lore

It is only known by few that I am working on a fictional project called; The Northern Mountains. (NM for short.)  It has proven itself to me to be a life project for me, with new things to add to the overall story and lore almost daily, if not monthly at least. Thus I...
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An overdue entry

Tuesday 26th of February 2013 This one was actually planned to be written and published on Monday, but due to having a long school day and still suffering a bit from jet-lag, with the inclusion of being sidetracked, I simply did not get too it. This post will actually elaborate on my personal...
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Final Fantasy IX: Devotion

Footage used: Final Fantasy IX Song used: Devotion by Hurts feat Kylie Minogue Edited by: well…me. A fan-made video I have been working on since I got Sony Vegas Pro 12. This is more of a first feel kind of thing to get myself familiarized once more with the program. (I used to use...
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Bishop’s Castle

After taking a trip to the United State’s only castle, we found out just how cold a normal Colorado day can get. This is a small castle.  It really does not even qualify as a castle compared to the real castles of the world.  However what makes this little building so unique is...
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