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NM: Possible project

I severely hate my own brain sometimes. Because only when it I try to sleep or even nap for that matter it comes up with all these idea’s for possible stories and what not. Hence the title of this post, cause I just want to write all this down in case some of...
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NM: Pred Alias Predator

A Northern Mountains profile sheet?! Well yes, yes it is. The first one I’m releasing, though not the first ever I made of this specific character nor the first time I shared his history with the world. Or well actually the portion of the world who knows me from roleplay on VF. And...
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Basing Characters

Nearly everyone bases his or hers characters on something significant in their life, that doesn’t mean there are no complete original characters tough. For example: Bram Stoker based the titular character of his book; Dracula, on a real previously living person. Namely: Vlad “Tepes” Dracul the third (Tepes is Romanian for the impaler). Kouta Hirano (The...
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CGI MIX: Shadow of your Heart

Song: Cosmic Love by Florence & the machine Footage: Final Fantasy IX, X and XIII Tangled Brave Rise of the Gaurdians Edited by: Jennifer/JewelMistic/Jenjewel    In prevention of a possible attack by the giant pixel monsters, it is adviced NOT to watch this in full screen.  This is the first time ever I...
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A bit of Northern Mountains lore

It is only known by few that I am working on a fictional project called; The Northern Mountains. (NM for short.)  It has proven itself to me to be a life project for me, with new things to add to the overall story and lore almost daily, if not monthly at least. Thus I...
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