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A bit of Northern Mountains lore

It is only known by few that I am working on a fictional project called; The Northern Mountains. (NM for short.)  It has proven itself to me to be a life project for me, with new things to add to the overall story and lore almost daily, if not monthly at least. Thus I wonder if it would ever be finished, maybe I should start writing things down though.

Either way, the following is something I have thought up quite recently. It is something of a history passage of the Northern Mountains itself. Note everything is still a work in progress thus it might come to be that things will be revised later on.

The Two Princesses

Back in the days of old, back when the Northern Mountains was still a kingdom called Lumaria, there where two princesses; Leera and Joanne.

Leera was the oldest, the heir of the throne and contained the ability to control the five elements that kept Lumaria in balance. In tradition, she was the future queen of the country and would be the link that would keep the light that shone over the kingdom appeased.

Joanne, the youngest, was said to have no extraordinary powers and, being the younger sibling, would be married off into a royal family across the borders. Never to be spoken off again once that would have happened.

In tradition both sisters wore their own style of dresses to show their position in the family. Leera would always wear white to represent her status as future queen and Joanne would always wear black to represent she would leave and be forgotten. Not only that, but the dresses represented the eternal Light and Darkness. For Light is something that always remains and the Darkness is always vanquished and disappears at the end of every fairy tale.

Nothing could be further then the truth. For Leera’s most inner nature made her put the pure white to shame, while her younger sister would be more fitting for that shade and position in general. Leera held an affinity with the darkness more then she held affinity with the five elements she could control. In secret, she dabbled into the dark arts, eventually calling Lady Darkness herself to her, eventually starting a war that would change the Kingdom of Lumaria forever.

Joanne,  had an unknowing role in this war, a role told in her own tragic tale.  Like her position would demand of her even if the war did not occur, she was forgotten into the dark history the moment the light left the kingdom, as if the gods themselves erased her from the memories around her. That does not give away that she held an important part in history. Though she was not the cause of Leera’s descent into Darkness. She was the one thing that kept the Light shining high in the heavens above Lumaria, blessing the battle against Leera, but she was unaware of this.

In tradition, Leera should have been the link to the Light, but because of her dark heart, that honor was passed to her younger sister Joanne, unbeknownst to the important figures in the kingdom, except maybe for one.

The Knight


As fate would have it, one of the five elemental sages, important protectors assigned to help maintain the balance, assigned a protector to the young princess. The youngest of his own order of knights, though his name is yet to be known. (For the author, which is me, has not yet found a fitting name, yet.)  

The relationship between both princess and knight was a special one, one that soon blossomed into quite a romance. But, because the difference in status between the two, they kept it hidden. For Joanne would eventually be married off into different family and when that day would come, he would return to his duties as knight. That was a day they both dreaded, yet with the war, that day never came of course.

When the war started, the princess and her knight fled the castle in the chaos when Leera finally did brought in the darkness. As they traveled to the nearest border passage, they both hoped a new life would be waiting for them beyond the mountains. However what awaited them not even close to the border, sadly, was death.

The Undying

The undying, a fallen angel which neither heaven nor hell wanted, waited for them at their nearest resting place. This man did not care who won the war, only profiting from the chaos. He wished to eventually destroy both Light and  Darkness and bring a new order into the world, a chaotic order where he could do as he pleased. To do that, he would have to strike the first blow against the eternal Light, namely by killing it’s link that bounded it’s warmth to this world. Joanne was that link.

Of course there was a battle between the knight and the undying. As skilled as the knight was, he was no match for the undying. At a critical moment in the battle, the knight’s powers waned and he was felled in battle. The princess, wishing to protect her fallen knight, took up his sword. With the knight not being skilled enough, Joanne was not skilled at all and it took the undying a simple thrust with his blade into her heart, to take her life. Yet in the final moments of her life, a blast of light erupted from her very core, burning away the dark angel from this world, banishing him somewhere far beyond the normal planes of Light and Darkness.

With Joanne’s death, the light left the Kingdom of Lumaria and most of the world entirely and with it, the people’s memory of Joanne.. The war against Leera was won, but with a terrible price. The kingdom had lost it’s royal family and the five sages lost one of its own, bringing the elements out of balance. The kingdom Lumaria was no more and it its stead came the Northern Mountains, a cold mountain area divided into five different pieces. It would take the sages hundreds of years to rebuild and another few hundred trying to require the balance they had lost. But with just four out of five, that would proof for them very difficult.

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  1. Faelandaea says:

    Very interesting, This would make a good plot plan for an entire novel series. Yup ~nods~ You have until the end of the week to write a 10-book novel series out of this.

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