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Basing Characters

Nearly everyone bases his or hers characters on something significant in their life, that doesn’t mean there are no complete original characters tough.

For example: Bram Stoker based the titular character of his book; Dracula, on a real previously living person. Namely: Vlad “Tepes” Dracul the third (Tepes is Romanian for the impaler). Kouta Hirano (The creator of Hellsing) based his character Alucard on Bram Stoker’s character. Scott Lynch makes a homage to Locke from Final Fantasy VI with his character; Locke Lamora. I even once heard in a interview with J.K Rowling (Harry Potter) that she based many characters on people she had met in real life.

I too am not any different and base my characters on that which had a major impact on my life. Sure most of them are based of characters of shows I’ve seen, some are based on characters I’ve previously already made for fandoms and what not. For example four of the five sages of the Nothern Mountain Project; Hao, Sor, Vi, and Ryu are based on Hao (Shaman King), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Vivi Ornitier (Final Fantasy IX), and L/Ryuzaki (Death Note). Okay, so the hints are very big in the names and I will probably will change the names to something more original instead of rip-off of the names of the characters they are based upon. But I have to mention with that is that the Northern Mountains project first started as a fan-fiction project called: Elementals. Eventually somewhere down the road I decided to make a overhaul and try and make a original story, or at least as original as it can get.

Of course not all my characters in the NM Project are based on other characters.

Pred was based on a good friend, though after a falling out an a year of silence between us, I decided to revamp Pred into something completely original, for I liked the idea of this character too much to just throw it away because of a fall out. Thus was created; Pred Alias Predator, a sometimes grumpy vampire with a rather..”complex” family and successor of his grandfather; the fifth sage of the Northern Mountains.

Over the years, Pred was not only a character, but a pillar of support for me when I was in a rough spot in my life. He became a imaginary friend more or less, he still is to this very day. Though the support he provided has diminished somewhat for I have found support in a different place;  namely my one and only.

Back on subject though;

Some characters based, some characters are not. One will always find at least on character in their life which is based on a real person/different character. It doesn’t mean it’s a total rip-off. Mostly it means the creator wants to thank that person, or the creator of the other character. Either for being a wonderful person or thank them for the support their character has given them through out their life.

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  1. Faelandaea says:

    Very true.

    I have a character in Star Trek Online that is actually named after and looks almost just like Drizzt Do’Urden from R.A. Salvatore’s “Forgotten Realms: Legends of Drizzt” (pronounced like Drits) series. That book series literally helped me through a VERY dark time in my life, and I made the character and his back-story – a representation of what would happen if a Drow found themselves in the 24th century – as a thank you to Salvatore and his wonderful work. My biography even stated as such. Yet every single day I get hate messages from people who refuse to read or understand such a purpose. “Oh wow, how unoriginal” or “What an insult to Drizzt”. If people would learn to read, which they most certainly will not, then they would know the purpose and back-story behind my character.

    All of my other characters, which have variations in the spelling of “Faelandaea”, are actually based off myself and my own personality, and represent ideally what I see myself being like if I were in the environment that the story is taking place in.

    So I support Jennifer in this post, and also agree that people should actually communicate or maybe find out the back-story of a character, be it in a book, in a game, in a movie or even a play, before criticizing or pointing fingers such as “rip-off” accusations.

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