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NM: Possible project

I severely hate my own brain sometimes. Because only when it I try to sleep or even nap for that matter it comes up with all these idea’s for possible stories and what not. Hence the title of this post, cause I just want to write all this down in case some of it comes back to me and for future reference to myself. So this might come out as a lot of rambling with either lot’s of explaining or none at all leaving everyone, including me, confused.

To think my brain came to an awesome idea involving two very old characters of mine, which I had been planning to reinstate (is that the word?) into the Northern Mountains project.
Namely: Seth and Mack Jenkins. Two halves of a coin, one godly good and the other devilishly evil and that is actually the most simple way to describe the two as a whole.

Some explanation/rambling.

Seth was going to take up the role as the first arch angel of light and his shadow and darker half; Mack was and still is going to play the role in the original NM Project as the undying. Because, the way Mack was created, he’s neither on the side of light nor dark and quite evil enough that puts even the devil to shame. Cause, if you think about it, the devil is not truly evil. He was an angel who rose up against god because he found it unfair that god favored the humans, while the angels were practically there first, if I got my story about that straight. Thus after rebelling, he was cast down to hell in which he practically is forced to do more work for god by punishing those who have “sinned”. That he enjoys doing so? Well, he is stuck in hell doing the shitty job, might as well enjoy some of it seeing he’s stuck there for all eternity.

Mack on the other hand, is not like the devil. Yes he rebelled in his own way, but not because he wanted the gods to pay more attention to their angels because they where paying to much attention to the more mortal races. It’s a selfish jealousy trip if you break it down to the core.

Basic Lore

In the universe of NM, when a angel is born in the plane of light, it’s shadow is cut away and cast into oblivion, dispersing into nothing.¬†When Seth was created as the first archangel of light, he was born so close to the light itself that he was casting a large shadow behind him and because it was the shadow he cast was so large, it never dispersed into oblivion. Instead it took a mind of it’s own and became a being of it’s own, it’s first memory being cast away from the plane of light. That is how Mack came to be.

More rambling

Both of them resemble one another, Seth looking more kinder in his features with bright blue eyes and quite a healthy skin tone, while Mack is deadly pale with red eyes and his more subtle features more cruel. Thus even though they are considered as identical twins, they differ enough to make it unable for people to mistake the one for the other.

Basically put, and as I stated before, they are two sides of the same whole. But because of the whole shadow casting into oblivion thing, they became their own wholes. Each with their own good and bad qualities. Though in Mack’s case he would never admit having any good qualities for he would rather drown a hundred babies before admitting it and even if he has done that, gladly might I add, he would still not admit it and would use the drowned babies as his point.

But even though Mack would never agree or admit he has some, though very few, qualities about him. Seth would honestly admit he has some bad qualities, like everyone else. Because, in the NM universe, even though angels are a higher being created directly from the gods themselves, (though in rare occasions angels are born among the mortal races.) the gods gave them a soul and will of their own, wishing the mortal races and the angels to be closer together. For what is the use of a entire legion of protectors if they can’t understand that which they are sworn to protect?

Now to the reason why Mack is on this selfish trip of his. Because his first memory is of being cast away from the plane of light, he believes that he was cast away as an angel and that the gods favored Seth more then him. Despite that the gods never knew of Mack’s existence, for oblivion is beyond the touch of light and darkness.

Also, despite that they are essentially the same person, Mack believes and will most likely never stop believing, that Seth is his brother and will often refer to him as brother. Seth, even though he knows that they are the same person, refers to Mack the same. Because, even though at the beginning of his creation they where one and the same, the moment Mack was cut away from Seth as his shadow and became his own being, they basically did stop being the same person.

The conflict between them, is quite problematic. They are both equal in strength and power. Thus an all out battle between the two would last for an entirety and the damage their powers clashing would bring would be, devastating to say the least. Thus, Mack tries to undermine and destroy his brother in different ways, while also forwarding his side agenda. What he truly wishes to accomplish is the utter destruction of the the gods and light itself, and if he can the darkness as well, because he simply sees no use for it and the demons that come from it. Simply put, he wishes to bring everything in existence into oblivion, which he considers his plane of existence, and create a world where he can do as he pleases and wreak as much as havoc as he can desire. The selfish part of his entire plan is quite simple, the reason why he is doing all this is, is to punish the gods for favoring Seth over him, never understanding the truth of the matter.

Seth of course, is tasked by the gods in stopping Mack every step in the way as well as performing his other duties as arch angel, which often get’s him on the loosing side of the eternal battle rather then on the winning side, despite being equal in power. And why aren’t the gods just using their godly powers to erase Mack from existence? Rule number one as a god in the Northern Mountains universe, you don’t interfere unless said bad thing comes extremely close in achieving goal. That and rule number two and three;

  • rule number 2: All beings have a right to exist.
  • rule number 3: With every being of light there is a being of dark.

Seth is often on the loosing side is because Mack is not low enough to use any trick to weaken his brother. Which includes crushing any form of happiness Seth would ever have. That and Mack has a bit of an advantage over Seth with being the Undying.

The reason for Mack being often referred as the Undying is because of the fact that he is neither affiliated with neither the light nor the darkness. Thus the phrase: “Neither heaven nor hell want’s him, thus he is the Undying.”
The forces of Darkness doesn’t want to aid Mack nor call him one of their own mainly because Mack is as violent against the demons as he is towards the angels. And even the demons have a sense of honor. Thus, if Mack does manage to die, he would simply reform a few days later as his soul and being would mainly return to oblivion, from which he became to be.

Seth takes a bit longer to return from death as his soul and being would need to rejuvenate in the plane of light. Sometimes after possible death Seth even gets pulled down to the plane of darkness, depending on which side is having the upper hand in the eternal unseen struggle between light and darkness. In this case, Seth would have to escape the clutches of hell to return to the embrace of heaven and reform there to be able to continue his own eternal struggle with Mack.

Funny thing about these two characters, that in the thousands of years of battle between the two, they both have a personal life aside from everything.

But this is where I stop typing cause I can’t really think of anything else substantial to add about this possible project. That and I believe I explained enough about the two. Now to resume nibbling on my chocolate bar.

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  1. Faelandaea says:

    Very interesting. The plot would make a cool anime.

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