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NM: Pred Alias Predator

A Northern Mountains profile sheet?! Well yes, yes it is. The first one I’m releasing, though not the first ever I made of this specific character nor the first time I shared his history with the world. Or well actually the portion of the world who knows me from roleplay on VF. And to those who are confused with what I mean with roleplay; I mean writing and telling a story with numerous people on a forum, mostly all at the same time. Quite interesting to be quite honest, if you manage to get yourself a hold of some marvelous, understanding, creative roleplayers who can actually make drama look good instead of like a old boring t.v soap/drama show.
But yes, this is the profile sheet to Pred Alias Predator. And I do kind of worry that others will worry about me because of the rather -coughs- dark past Pred has had…I hope it won’t come to that. Because to some compared to Pred’s past; Drizzt’s (From The Legend of Drizzt series by R.A Salvator) might seem like a pretty good past to have…maybe…I’m over thinking it. So let’s start it up already shall we!

Name: Pred Alias Predator
To prevent that people start thinking Alias means; Also known As and that his actual name is just Predator, but called Pred by mostly everyone. I’ll tell right here that Alias is indeed his second name.  His mother named him after the two most honorable members in his family. Namely after his grandfather Pred; whom was the elemental sage of metal before and during the dark war, and his biological father; Alias, whom died before his son was even born. She named Pred after these two, hoping that he would become just as honorable and kind as these two men combined.

Age: 475
Pred used to be much older in his “earlier” years of creation. But eventually I forgot his true age, which is quite shameful on my part to be quite honest. The reason that he looks pretty young despite being this age is because Pred comes from a line of Lamia, a version of vampires whom are not completely like the traditional vampires, though much and much closer to traditional ones then those sparkling things that call themselves vampires in Twilight. (Note to self: If I ever get Stephanie Meyer’s mail adress, must send her a letter asking what she was thinking when she decided to make vampires sparkle. Honestly I’m quite curious how in heavens name anyone would come up with that.)

Pred comes from a rather small noble family. The reason to this is because line of the Predator family name started with his grandfather. Currently he has only 3 blood relatives alive.

Hiro: Pred’s son with a priestess of the moon. (Name with held till I gain permission to use the character in my stories, for she is not mine.) The youngest living family member by being only 19 year old.
Pravus Physilus Predator: Pred’s cousin and the oldest living relative. He’s 23 years older then Pred, making him; 498 years old.
Emelyn Domesti/Predator: Pred’s mother. Despite that she fled and went missing when Pred was 6, both Pred and Pravus still believe her to be alive. She’s not the oldest for she is only one year younger then Pravus, making her 497 years old.

His deceased blood relatives group consists out of:

Pred Predator: His grandfather, and if he still where living, the oldest of the family. He died at the end of the dark war on an important mission to ensure the lands future. His spirit, memory and being then merged with the Great Dragon, the elemental guardian of metal and the mascot to the order of the Dragon Knights.
Arvis Predator: The oldest uncle to Pred, making him second oldest next to Pred’s grandfather. He died by the hands of Pred due to what he had done to his and his mother.
Armon Predator: The second oldest uncle and father to Pravus. Like Arvis he died thanks to Pred for the same reasons, though he was the first to die.
Andre Predator: The third oldest uncle.  Also died by the hands of Pred for once again the same reasons. He was the second to die.
Alias Predator: Pred’s father and the youngest of the four brothers. He died by the hands of Arvis, whom killed him because; “He didn’t want to share his treasure with his older brother.” Alias his treasure being Emelyn.
Serliah Predator: Pravus his younger twin sister. She claimed her own life at the age of 17, no longer wishing to live in the darkness of her father’s abuse. Her last words to her twin was: “I’m going to a place where I can smile and mean it.”

To comment on why the four brothers names all start with an A:  Grandfather Pred liked the sound of the letter A when he named his children. And since then the so called curse of the bad first names started in the Predator blood-line.

Being the descendant of the great sage of metal, Pred has the ability to shift swords and blades from any piece of metal and iron he can get close enough too. If he concentrates hard enough or is angry enough, he can make these weapons levitate and move and fight with his mind. However this takes a large amount of energy of him and has caused him to black-out for a day or two whenever he had to use his powers to such an extent.
Instead of changing into a bat; like most Lamia are able to do, Pred has learned himself to transform into a hound instead, giving him quite a boost in speed and agility.

Pred suffers from a case of homophobia. It isn’t the kind of case where he is violent against gay people. No to him it’s really a phobia, for he truly is scared of gay men, trying to avoid them as much as he can. He also has minor anger issues. If someone get’s him just enough annoyed to make him angry, he will blow the first punch and with the intend to throw the last as well. Only a select few know how and are able to calm him down. That being said, it’s hard however to get Pred that annoyed that he gets angry, though he will get as angry if he sees injustice done. As he got older, he got the habit of lecturing those whom are making mistakes in his eyes. (For example: Lecturing his creator for making all-nighters just because she wants to spend more time with her one and only.) Also he has a great fear of heights and flying.
That and he has a coffee addiction.

Pred has a rather complicated childhood.

He always believed Arvis to be his father and so did the rest of the family. Because after the “untimely death” of Alias, Arvis managed to seduce and manipulate Emelyn into marrying him, for she never knew the truth about her lovers death nor the truth of his brothers more darker side. Nine month’s after the wedding,  Pred was born. Thus everyone simply assumed Pred was the son of Arvis, though Emelyn knew the blood of Alias ran though his veins. It was this why she named Pred the way she did, that and she did not wish for her son to fall into the same dark habits of his uncles. The charade of Pred being the son of Arvis lasted till Pred turned six, to which Arvis started to suspect Pred not to be his. He gave Emelyn the choice; Either kill her son or Arvis would completely raise him as his own. To which he implied that eventually he would abuse his mother the same way the (now) three brothers did.  Emelyn could not live with either of these choices thus she fled the manor, though vowing to herself that one day she would come back to retrieve her son when she could.
After his mother went missing; Pred finally came to see the darker nature of the family around him, by being subjugated to the same abuse and torture his mother went through.  It was during this period of his life where he started to develop his homophobia; because his cousin Pravus, whom he had seen as an older brother, had joined in on the torture.
At the age eleven, Pred finally fled the family manor, only to be found by his (then future) master/teacher/father figure Abbatis Armana; whom is the ruling regent of the Northern Mountains or Sage of the mountains as he is called. Abbatis took Pred under his wing and raised him the majority of his life like he was his own. It was Abbatis who helped Pred learn how to use his powers, despite that the man did not share the same gifts. He even tried to teach Pred how to transform into a bat, though that proofed to be pointless, for Pred had violently stated that he is afraid of heights after the third attempt. Abbatis never tried again after receiving a black eye from the 13 year old Pred, his second black eye ever since he took the young Lamia in.
When Abbatis took in Seishou Kodou as his second student, Pred’s homophobia came out when Seishou honestly declared that he was gay. The master has tried numerous times to help Pred over his irrational fear and even be friends with Sei, but, like the flying, it proofed quite pointless. Granted he didn’t get a black eye from his efforts this time. Despite that Pred never became violent around his fellow student, he would never stay around Seishou longer then he needed to be.
At the age of 24 Pred stopped aging physically and started his first journey around the world. It was during this journey he met his soul-mate and mother to his son. She was already quite a few decades older then him, but her physical beauty was still that of a young woman. At first Pred had a hard time gaining the attention of the moon priestess, for she believed Pred to be still to young. He managed to eventually win her heart by stubbornness and by declaring he would come to her temple every day for the rest of his immortal life just to see her. It was this dedication that opened her heart to him and it blossomed into a beautiful romance. But one day the priestess was almost killed in a raid on her temple. The only thing Pred could do to safe her life was to turn her into a fellow Lamia, though her being a weaker version. (It goes the same as with vampires being turned.) She however did not agree with being a Lamia now, angrily telling Pred that it was her time to die and join her goddess and that he wrongly robbed her of this right of peace. She broke off the engagement and fled, believing herself to have become a monster. Pred, brokenhearted, returned back to the Northern Mountains and to his home.
It took Pred 200 years to get over his broken heart and try traveling again, this time with his master by his side, whom had sneakily appointed Seishou as ruler in his stead while he was gone, much to the anger of the four remaining sages. Fate found it funny to let Pred meet his soulmate once more, who had missed him ever since she left him. Part of this was because when Pred turned her, he became her sire and with that an eternal link was formed between the two. Another part of it was, with the two of them being soulmates, no matter how hard they would try, destiny would not let them be apart for to long. Their love soon blossomed once more and while Abbatis returned to the Northern Mountains, Pred remained to build a life with his mate0. But, once again, fate decided to be cruel by breaking the two apart. This time by hunters attacking the home they had built while Pred was away on chores. When he returned and found his house in shambles and his love missing, he presumed her dead and once again returned to the Northern Mountains with a broken heart.
To this day he stayed there, helping his master with any task Abbatis would give him. He had learned of the plans the other sages had for Pred by making him the next sage of Metal; after his grandfather. Pred reluctantly agreed to these plans, knowing if he declined it might take years to find anyone suitable enough to become sage and return the balance of elements.

There…The profile sheet of Pred. I don’t believe I have ever done this much writing on this site before. So yeah. Now if you would all excuse me I’m hiding under my desk. For those wondering if his soulmate is indeed dead or not…well it is stated Hiro is her and Pred’s kid…so yeah. It might change however because she is not mine. The character that I’m planning to be Pred’s soulmate is made by a friend of mine, whom also is a glorious roleplayer. I’ll have to ask her one day if I can use her, for she seems to fit so perfectly with Pred that I can hardly imagine them not together.

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