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Final Fantasy IX: Devotion

Footage used: Final Fantasy IX

Song used: Devotion by Hurts feat Kylie Minogue

Edited by: well…me.

A fan-made video I have been working on since I got Sony Vegas Pro 12. This is more of a first feel kind of thing to get myself familiarized once more with the program. (I used to use older versions of Sony Vegas.)

I have not made a proper video like this in ages, it feels kind of good to be on this level of creativity again.  Now to get myself some more footage and I am back on my old track.

Final Fantasy is a trademark of Square Enix.  All Final Fantasy and characters, logos, artwork and related media are all copyright Square-Enix.  Jennifer van den Brink does not claim any Square-Enix material as her own and does not intend to infringe on any copyright over them or use them for profit.  This video is an unofficial fan video and is in no way affiliated with Square-Enix.

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