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Final Fantasy: Still Alive

Song: Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky
Footage: Final Fantasy X/X-2 and XIII/XIII-2
Edited by: Jennifer/JewelMistic/Jenjewel


Apparantly I am on a role here when it comes to making movies, I blame/thank not being able too for a few years for that. Though I guess this will be the last I’ll upload till I can make one that fully utilizes a complete song…instead of me giving up half way cause of the sheer length of the song.
There is a much higher version of this movie, but I am reserving that one for my class presentation.
But those who want to see this video in 720p HD, well shoot me a comment and I’ll see if I can arrange for it to be send. (The HD version is over 200 MB big)
Now to the video itself;
Once again this was an experiment. This time with making my own timed effects and what not, I am really getting the hang of Sony Vegas, more then I ever had. And seeing this was an experiment, I will most likely redo this video, probably only with Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 footage.
Also, I can truly relate to the song in some way. Surely not much is said and it is hard to explain in what way. I’ll just leave it at that.

Final Fantasy is a trademark of Square Enix. All Final Fantasy and characters, logos, artwork and related media are all copyright Square-Enix. Jennifer van den Brink does not claim any Square-Enix material as her own and does not intend to infringe on any copyright over them or use them for profit. This video is an unofficial fan video and is in no way affiliated with Square-Enix.

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