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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

As I sit here sipping my mountain dew which I acquired in the Netherlands, much to my happiness (if only they sold Izze here). I shamefully admit to myself that it has been too long that I haven’t posted anything here. Nothing about the NM project, a movie or anything. The reason being is probably that I’ve been busy.
For two long and glorious months I was honored and gladly in the presence of my own and only, putting my attention mostly on him if we both weren’t busy with anything else. The thought for a post did not cross my mind. When I came home, I’ve been busy with gaming mostly and moving my from my brother’s back to my mom. And thus I now need to look for another place to live.

Now what game have I been playing you might wonder, even tough it’s quite obvious stated in the title above; Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


My character; Gwenhwyfar Serliense, my trusty Chocobo Steed/Companion; Faelandaea and one of my summons; Ifrit-egi

I’ve always been a Final Fantasy fan and have played most of the games, with IX being my favorite. That and I played the original Final Fantasy XIV for a while when it first came out and it was severely flawed and not quite worthy of the Final Fantasy name. Thus when Square-Enix told the world they had put a new development team and was working on a new version of Final Fantasy XIV, I was happy and had to give it a try for when it came out. In fact, I was lucky enough to be one of the BETA testers.

This little hairball reminds me of a Tribble from Star Trek, only then with a face.

I was quite glad with the changes they made and I was not the only one. There were so many people looking forward to this new version of the game, that on launch day nearly every server was full. Except for the Japan based servers, they where doing quite well on launch day.
The reason for this was because the developers after the disaster that Final Fantasy XIV; 1.0 was, they didn’t anticipate this many people to still have interest. But unlike many developers; this team actually came out with an official apology to the players for this and of course stated their plans on how to get everyone to play. Which by now have come into effect with the addition of more servers, a expanded server database on their side (allowing more people to play), and the addition of a automatic log-out. Meaning; if you are not active for 30 minutes, you’ll be booted.
Not implementing this feature from the start is the only big mistake the developers made in my book.


A lower level Gwenhwyfar Serliense, standing next to a Sylph. Despite all wearing dresses and looking female, apparently some of them are male.

Leveling my character; whom I’ve named Gwenhwyfar Serliense, has been an complete delight. To get more technical about her; she a summoner (started out as an arcanist) of the Mi’qote race; a race of humanoids with cat ears and tails.

Arcanist/Summoners is a magic based class which summons beings from the other realm to aid them in battle. There is a third member of this magical family; namely the Scholar, but I haven’t been able to unlock that role for Gwenhwyfar yet.

  • Arcanist’s are able to summon two types of summons; an Emerald Carbuncle, which is a caster based pet and a Topaz Carbuncle, which takes on a tanking role.
  • Summoner’s in turn are able to summon three; Ifrit-Egi an attacker, Titan-Egi which I assume is like the Topaz Carbuncle a tank and a Garuda-Egi which is most likely a caster. The reason why I don’t know about those is because I’ve only unlocked the Ifrit-Egi and not the other yet. That and I’m a bit too lazy to look it up on google.
  • Scholar’s are more of a support class, while the other two are damage. They can summon two types of fairies, one that casts mainly healing spells while the other mainly casts support spells. I’d like to unlock this role one day, but first I’m going to focus on the summoner.

There isn’t more I can truly tell about this game, all I can do is encourage people who haven’t given it a try yet to give it a try and hope that they’ll find this game as fun as I do.

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  1. Faelandaea says:

    And what’s even more awesome is when you order the physical copy just before they unlock the digital downloads again ROFL!!!!!


    And I am certain that your sweetie was VERY honored and happy of your attention and love. He is a VERY lucky man.

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