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An overdue entry

Tuesday 26th of February 2013

This one was actually planned to be written and published on Monday, but due to having a long school day and still suffering a bit from jet-lag, with the inclusion of being sidetracked, I simply did not get too it.

This post will actually elaborate on my personal perception of my whole trip to Colorado USA, rather then what I have done the entire week. I believe the entry of Bishop’s Castle will provide enough of the sights I’ve seen. It was only a week after all. (A most glorious week might I add.)

At first when I started my travel to that side of the world, (I live in the Netherlands, Colorado is indeed on the other side of the world for me.) I was quite nervous. It was not the first time I have flown in my life, but it was the very first time I ever went that far from home. Not only that, it was going to be the first time I would meet my one and only on the other side. (What I mean with my one and only? Well, try to think romantically on that part. Of course I mean my dearest love.)

The travel itself went pretty smooth. I was quite worried getting through customs, for I feared they might find a reason to not let me into the country. Not that I had anything on me that would not allow me to get in, though maybe they would have refused entry if I had started to sing “It’s a small world after all” which, trust me, I wanted to sing while waiting in line to get through customs. (For those who do not know what “It’s a small world after all” is, it’s a song that’s constantly repeated throughout a Disney land attraction of the same name. ) I went through customs quite easily to be honest, the man who checked my Passport and asked the usual question looked actually quite bored when I passed. Like he was basically just waiting for his shift to be over.

Now that the hard part was over, of course came the bit more nerve wracking part. The last bits of my travel. (Waiting times included.)

I don’t think I have to explain that I am a very shy person. I hide away when my phone go’s off and it’s a number I don’t know. Heck, I even have a safety pillow (A regular pillow actually) I hide my face in when the rare chance occurred that I video-chatted with anyone I haven’t met in person. Even though it was not the first time I’ve seen and spoken with my one and only. (I’ve known him for over 2 years now.) To see him in person however was something I was very nervous about, yet also very anxious.  I’ve known from previous experiences of meeting people I was romantically involved with that I would be very shaky when it came to seeing them. I would freeze up out of shyness and it would take time for me to warm up and open up properly in situations.

This time however was completely different and unlike I have ever experienced before.

In the moments before our meeting I was in the state of mind that it I would indeed be shaky, shy, freezing up and have much trouble returning even a simple reply. That first hug we shared before we even said hello sure proofed me wrong on how I would be. Never before have I ever felt so comfortable with someone, as if I’ve known him my entire life. It felt like I came home from a very long trip.

Home is where the heart is. (Even if the expression is: “Home is where the hearth is” if I’m correct.)

Now to how I viewed the country. Everything-Is-Big. And yes that statement if justified compared to how small the Netherlands is. Okay, so maybe not everything was big, but a lot sure was. It felt a bit overwhelming, like coming from a small room with as much furniture it can handle to moving over to a huge room with the necessary things a room should have.  Now the goverment and all that crap I do not care about. I came for one reason only and seeing the place was a secondary objective.  Sure I knew what to expect a bit, anyone who watches a little bit of t.v knows a bit what to expect when visiting a country like the USA. Still it managed to captivate me without it being to much for me to handle. The people I encountered where very kind to me, the sights of the mountains in the distance (As far as I could see them) was something I will probably never get tired from. That cycling is a bit of a risk there however, is something I will never get used to sadly.

That is all I can truly tell about my trip as a personal experience. All I can ever add is, is that I cannot wait to return there one day soon and feel at home once more.

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  1. I can definitely say without any doubt at all that no one could be more pleased that you found the trip so wonderful. Now . . . if only I can visit the Netherlands . . . permanently . . .

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