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Bishop’s Castle

After taking a trip to the United State’s only castle, we found out just how cold a normal Colorado day can get.

This is a small castle.  It really does not even qualify as a castle compared to the real castles of the world.  However what makes this little building so unique is the fact that it is being built by one guy alone.  His family hangs out on the premises and runs a gift shop, but this Jim guy does all the manual work on the castle itself.  A lot of rumors go around that his father started the project, which really gets Jim Bishop irate, as he speaks out strongly (and really loudly) about how no one has helped him at all.

~shrug~  It’s a cute little place, but again nowhere comparable to the real castles in my part of the world.

To better describe the place, the following is an exerpt from Wikipedia:

Bishop Castle started as a family construction project situated in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado in the San Isabel National Forest located North West of Rye, Colorado. The castle is named after its constructor, Jim Bishop.

The Castle is located in south central Colorado along a paved public road, State Highway 165, approximately 13 miles (21 km) southeast of the junction of State Highways 96 and 165. This road is part of the Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway, and Bishop Castle is shown on the official map.

Construction of the castle began in 1969, when Bishop began construction on a family cottage, which he decided to surround with rocks. Several neighbors noted that the structure looked something like a castle. Bishop took this into consideration and soon began building his castle. He had bought the land when he was fifteen for a price of $450. He has faced numerous challenges with the local and state government over ownership and activities on the site.

OH!  And I am certain my toes froze off somewhere back there, so if anyone finds them, please let me know so I can fetch a Mage at once to melt them back on.

The front of the castle with view of towers.



The front half of Bishop Castle from the south. The main tower is over 160 ft (49 m) tall



The front half of Bishop Castle from the north. The main tower is over 160 ft (49 m) tall.


The above images are credited to authors who contributed them to Wikipedia.  The below images are all credited to Christopher, who took the images during out trip.

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