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Hellsing: Rule the World

Song: Everybody wants to rule the world by Lorde
Footage: Hellsing
Edited by: Jennifer/JewelMistic/Jenjewel

Once again, give it time to buffer, it’s a big file.
Another Hellsing vid, yes I really should probably move over to other footage.
I made this video while following a few tutorials on youtube and so far I’m very pleased how this turned out. Had to edit the ending though after the initial render, but now that it is all done and finished. I am happy ūüėÄ

Hellsing is a trademark of¬†Kohta Hirano. ¬†All Hellsing and characters, logos, artwork and related media are all copyright Kohta Hirano. ¬†Jennifer van den Brink¬†does not claim any of Kohta Hirano’s material as her own and does not intend to infringe on any copyright over them or use them for profit. ¬†This video is¬†an unofficial fan video and is in no way affiliated with Kohta Hirano.

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